McVay 'shaking' during search warrant

Detective says McVay's behavior changed after initial visit

By Morgan Briesmaster |

Published 07/01 2015 05:13PM

Updated 07/01 2015 05:37PM

A Rock Island detective testified in the Timothy McVay murder trial, on Wednesday.
Mcvay is accused of killing Carrie Olson in December 2013.
Detective Tina Noe said McVay was a different person during her second encounter with him.
On Wednesday, Noe says she went to McVay's home with a search warrant in early January and again in April.
She told the court that during her first visit, McVay was cooperative and friendly, but that her second visit was much different. She says his knees and hands were shaking to the point he couldn't make a phone call.
Noe also testified that McVay's pattern of communication with Olson stopped after December 29.
McVay's ex-brother-in-law also testified today.
Joe Walker, 38, says a conversation he had with McVay before Olson's disappearance seemed suspicious.
Walker says he confided in McVay about a an encounter he had with another brother-in-law saying that he had threatened the brother-in-law with a knife, but it was McVay's response that caught him off-guard.
"He said first of all that's very messy," Walker said on the stand. "Also that using a knife would prove premeditation and basically that there are better way to take care of that."
Walker was the last and final witnesses to be called by the state. Thursday the trial will reconvene for evidentiary purpose.

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