McVay to spend the next 45 years in prison

Tim McVay's sentence handed down for killing Carrie Olson

By Morgan Briesmaster |

Published 10/09 2015 06:54PM

Updated 10/09 2015 06:54PM

Timothy McVay will spend the next 45 years in prison.
On Friday, that sentence handed down for killing Carrie Olson.
Family members cried as waited for  McVay's sentencing. 
Although evidence couldn't prove how Olson was killed, Rock Island Judge Michael Meersman ruled she died at the hands of McVay. 
"Our Carrie Lane is gone forever," said Karen Olson, Carrie Olson's mother, as she stood in front of a courtroom full of people to tearfully give a statement during Tim McVay's sentencing.
"Carrie was stolen from us," Karen Olson said. "In our eyes, your honor there aren't simply enough years to sentence Tim McVay to."
Carrie Olson disappeared in December of 2013. McVay was the last known person seen with her. Olson's body was found a few months later in Hastings, Minnesota.
"I did not kill Carrie Olson," McVay told the judge during his time in court, on Friday. "I loved her, I loved her as a best friend."
Police arrested McVay in July of 2014. This summer, after weeks of a bench trial, judge Michael Meersman found McVay guilty of first degree murder and hiding her body. 
"In this case a woman gets killed for a car, a few buck and a trip to Las Vegas," the judge said.
Friday in court, McVay's second ex-wife, Krystal, testified after McVay's lawyers filed a motion to dismiss his conviction, which the judge denied.
Although, medical examiners couldn't determine how Olson was killed, Meersman ruled McVay killed her.  
Judge Meersman concluded: "I hope that you think for the rest of your life whether that trip for three days was really worth throwing your life away, because that's really what's happened here"
McVay's lawyers will now take the case to the appellate court, which the defense says could take years.

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