"Miracle Prom" for young boy with terminal illness

Published 08/01 2014 07:32PM

Updated 08/01 2014 07:33PM

It is said life is too short. For one little boy, it is all too true. 5-year old Jordan Planitz has a rare illness known as MPPH Syndrome. It causes his brain to grow faster than his skull. Only eight other children have the disease,  and it is always fatal.

In his short life, Jordan has learned how to captivate an audience. He's got the charisma of Elvis and the smile of a movie star. Jordan’s mother, Deanna Planitz,  said her son is never shy and never boring.

"He's the life of the party. He keeps us busy, keeps me on my toes,” Planitz said.

But Jordan's love-filled life will be short-lived. His rare disorder is likely to kill him before he reaches his tenth birthday.

"He also has debilitating seizures at times,” Deanna Planitz said. “We've had severe seizures where he's had to be airlifted, even to Saint Louis, from time to time."

Doctors told his mother he wouldn't live to see his sixth birthday. Jordan is five and a half years old.

"I never thought he would go this far. His doctors never thought he would go this far,” Deanna Planitz said. “I am extremely happy and ecstatic with what we've done."

Thursday is Jordan's prom night. It’s an idea of one of his teachers came up with.

"I didn't know when he started, what his prognosis was. When I found that out, I talked to Deanna about trying to give him all the experiences we could that he was probably going to miss out on,” said Corey Moore, a behavioral therapist at the Hope Institute.

Jordan's always lived his life by his own rules, exceeding expectations. For Jordan's mother, the night is magic.

"Jordan's dreams are coming true, and just to see him tonight and watching him run back and forth with all those balloons,” said his mother with a tear in her eye. "This has made my dreams come true."

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