Mr. Thanksgiving getting closer to retire

The Moline man behind an annual Thanksgiving dinner says he's getting closer to letting someone else takeover. 

Bob Vogelbaugh, who many know as Mr. Thanksgiving is serious about stepping down from his role.

But he says it won't happen for another 3 years. Mr. Thanksgiving says he has picked a successor.

He'll be passing down the torch to Isaac Rumler, who is currently a student at Seaton Catholic School in Moline. 

Vogelbaugh says he's known him since the boy was in kindergarten and is confident he'll do a great job taking over the community feast.

"He's so advanced and just thinking things through. I mean i don't know many, he's nine now, i don't know many nine year olds who would be considering taking over a dinner, " said Mr. Thanksgiving Bob Vogelbaugh.

Mr. Thanksgiving also says there's only about $1,200 in the account used for the annual meal. Even though it takes more than $20,000 to cover the dinner, but he believes the community will pull through as they always do. 

This year's dinner will be held on Thanksgiving day. That's November 23rd at Southpark Mall.

It's from 4- 6 p-m. Transportation is free and provided by Metrolink. All you need to do is call and reserve a ride.

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