Part 2: A Last Chance at Redemption?

How One Eighty in Davenport has helped it's members turn their lives around

Rusty Boruff set out on a mission to help others get a second chance at life.

With just 500 dollars in his savings account, he opened the doors to One Eighty, a program that has turned his dreams into a reality. Nearly eight years after starting the program, he says he never could've imagined the impact his organization would have today. 

Monday night, a Local 4 News special report brought you Boruff's story.

In Part 2: A Last Chance at Redemption? Members of the organization share how One Eighty changed their lives. 

Howard Armstrong Jr. has been with One Eighty for 7 months. He recently started his own food truck, has started to rebuild broken relationships in his life, and most importantly, stayed sober. 

Before walking through the doors of the program, Armstrong's future didn't look so bright. Within just over a year, Armstrong had lost everything as a result of his addiction to cocaine. 

"It takes everything. My relationship with my kids, I have a failed marriage because of it," said Armstrong. 

Until finally, he'd had enough.

"The Davenport Police officer pulled up behind me, got out of his car and pushed my car with his hands," said Armstrong. "He jumped into his car and pushed me across the bridge into Illinois. Once I got there, my car wouldn't start anymore, I had nowhere to go, I was done."

Today he thanks the organization for saving his life.   

"My life has done a one eighty." 

Armstrong is just one of dozens of members with similar stories, hoping this program helps them find the answers they've been looking for most of their lives. Residents like Armstrong are given a home at One Eighty for a year, working through a variety of classes and techniques to help them get back on track. 

Ron Clash was welcomed into One Eighty 4 months ago. Today, he sits in a classroom with some of the same people he was once living with on the streets. 

 "I just cried out, I was in the rain one day and nowhere to turn and I just cried out to God and said please open a door for me." said Clash.

But Clash wasn't always consumed by addiction. Before drugs, Clash was looking at a football scholarship and had close friends and family. He says looking back, he never imagined being at this point in his life. 

"There's just things along your life that start off as fun, but like I said you never know the extent of where it'll take you," said Clash.  

Dwayne Shine has finally found a program that works for him. After battling a drug addiction for over 25 years, he finally realized enough was enough. He made a promise to his mother that for Mother's Day, he would get sober, and finally make a permanent change. 

Shine says he realized he'd hit "rock bottom" when he was living in a place without utlities, living on just cheese and bread for several days. 

 "I woke up, I looked at myself, and cried." 

As he continues to work on gaining back the trust of his loved ones, he hopes others will hear his story and think twice before making a decision that could cost them their life. 

"That thirty-second decision cost me twenty-five years," said Shine. 

For all three men, One Eighty is just the first chapter.

"It's no more talking, it's about putting things into action now," said Shine. 

And while they can't erase the past, This could be their last chance to rewrite their future. 

"I've been reunited with my family. I'm hoping to start my own detailing business," said Clash. 

"My daughter syndey, she comes to visit me. My ex wife Renee, we're real close now...If you do happen to make it into this program, make the very best of it," said Armstrong.   

Boruff says since he founded the program, he's been asked to expand outside the quad cities. But he says the key to the program's success is that it's "organic" to the community. 

Wednesday on Local 4 News at 10: the special report continues and women at One Eighty share their stories of changing their lives, and how one woman has rediscovered how to be a mother through her recovery. 

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