Pass-through town offers riders haunted mysteries

By Tahera Rahman |

Published 07/26 2016 08:52AM

Updated 07/26 2016 08:52AM

Ragbrai riders stay overnight in eight cities across Iowa along their journey. 

Many of them say the fun part is exploring the small towns they pass through along the way. 

That includes the town of Villisca, Iowa. 

With just 1200 people, the small town has a big secret. 

In 1912, an ax murderer killed a local family.

"It was a horrendous thing when it happened," said Mary Hansen of the Villisca Historical Society.
"It was a thing that haunted people, it haunted people for years because it was unsolved."
The house where the murders took place is also rumored to be haunted, and is now a tourist attraction.
People can take tours or even rent out the house for an overnight stay. 
Villisca residents say they wish they were known for something different, but will take the recognition. 


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