Perseid meteor shower peaks this weekend

Watch for "shooting stars" this weekend in the Quad Cities

QUAD CITIES - It's a late summer tradition, the Perseid Meteor Shower and it peaks this weekend.  

And we have great weather to watch a few shooting stars whiz by in the night sky this weekend.  

The actual peak is Saturday afternoon, so that means we'll see some meteors Friday night and Saturday night under clear skies.  

It works best if you are outside of the Quad Cities and away from city lights.  The darker the sky the more stars (and importantly for this story, shooting stars) you'll see.  

Generally, you might see meteors in all directions but if you have a good view of the NE sky, that direction will be your best bet.  

And when you see one remember, as it bright as it is, they're usually only the size of grain of sand or so!  And they're burning up in our atmosphere at about 60 miles above the ground!

Have fun, take the kids out and let me know if you have any luck! 

-Andy McCray on Facebook

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