Photo speed enforcement van to patrol construction zones

EAST MOLINE, Ill. - Speeding through construction zones could cost you a pretty penny this summer.

Illinois State Police District 7 announces the Photo Speed Enforcement Van will be deployed during the upcoming months in local construction zones.

This specialized vehicle is equipped with multiple radars and cameras to document drivers who choose to speed through the construction zone. The van is manned by a Trooper who has been trained in its operation and will monitor the van’s deployment.

If a driver is cited for a speed violation, the fine starts at $375 and could increase based on the number of previous violations.

Construction zones are dangerous by their very nature. There is heavy equipment moving, shifting traffic patterns, narrow travel lanes spanning miles, and pedestrian traffic. Add motorists traveling faster than the posted speed limit, unknown driving conditions and distractions in and out of the vehicle, and it could easily become a deadly combination.

The Illinois State Police appreciate an additional resource being available to Troopers for speed enforcement. The van allows for enforcement without adding the interference of a traffic stop in an already congested section of road.

“This is where the Photo Speed Enforcement Van becomes a valuable asset,” states Captain Victor Markowski. “We have been given the opportunity to enforce one of the leading killers on American roadways, speed, with minimal intrusion on construction zone traffic.” 

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