President Obama to address IL General Assembly

The White House says his speech will focus on building better politics.

By Alice Kang |

Published 02/09 2016 10:24PM

Updated 02/10 2016 11:15AM

President Obama is scheduled to make a trip back to Illinois Wednesday.
The President will be addressing the Illinois General Assembly.

Only elected officials and invited guests will be able to listen to the President's address.
The White House says his speech will focus on building better politics.
Lawmakers hope this will help bring Republicans and Democrats together.

"I look forward to seeing the President come to Springfield should be certainly an interesting address I going to meet him on the tarmac and visit a little bit,” said Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner.

"It's exciting to have a member who, moved up a little bit higher... Let's say a whole lot higher, come back,” said State Representative Don Moffitt.

Illinois lawmakers are excited to welcome President Obama to the state's capitol Wednesday.
The White House says the President plans on speaking to the general assembly on "What we can do together to build a better politics---one that reflects our better selves."

While specific topics on what the President plans on addressing is unknown, Local lawmakers hope he'll touch on one topic that lawmakers can't seem to agree on.

"What I'm hoping he'll do is get something going on this budget because it's imperative that we get a budget asap i'm hoping that's what he'll touch on,” said State Representative Pat Verschoore.

"I think trying to move forward and I hope that we do and I hope that it moves it ahead maybe where we can find common ground,” said Moffitt.

President Obama is making a trip to Springfield at a tough time.
There hasn't been a state budget in eight months.
Lawmakers hope his visit could motivate legislators to work together.

"I hope this serves as an opportunity for the members of the legislature to focus on the areas where we can come together to address the challenges our state faces, and move us in a better direction,” said Senator Neil Anderson.

Governor Rauner says he hopes that the President will also discuss term limits and a redistricting reform.

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