Preventing hot car related deaths

Published 07/31 2015 10:28PM

Updated 07/31 2015 10:28PM

On average, every eight days a child dies in a vehicle related heat type incident.

With temperatures in the 80's, it doesn't take long for your car to heat up inside. In just 15 minutes the temperature in a car can reach over 100 degrees.

On a warm day like Friday the temperature in a car could continue to climb even higher upwards of 130 degrees.

"We respond to about 50 or 60 on average heat related emergencies," Community relations manager for EMS, Jeremy Pessman said. "Of those a small percentage of those are actually heat stroke a lot of them are heat exhaustion."

There are now many apps and gadgets to help parents remember a child is in the car but the easiest thing is to always look before locking up.

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