Push to keep drivers safe over Labor Day Weekend

Extra patrols are checking for seat belts, speeders and drinkers

By Krista Burris | kburris@whbf.com

Published 09/04 2015 10:28PM

Updated 09/04 2015 10:28PM

Labor Day weekend means a lot of people are taking advantage of the three-day weekend by traveling to see friends and family.
One man is doing just that by hitting a few cities in the area, and he's taking some extra safety precautions along the way.
Tom Dorsey is traveling from Fort Dodge, Iowa.
He stopped in Davenport, and he's headed out on his scooter to Mendota, Illinois to see his sister.
Dorsey says he takes a few steps to make sure he's safe.
"I try and stay visible. I wear my yellow vest, and I also try to stay off interstates," said Dorsey.
He hasn't been too successful with that though.
"I have to get on 88 for a few miles here, and I had to get on 74 to get through Davenport," said Dorsey.
One local trooper says no matter what roads you take, be ready for some extra traffic. 
"Take a little extra time. You're going to have maybe more passengers than normal. If you're going to family functions or events just make sure everybody's buckled up, pay attention to the road and don't be in a hurry and be a courteous driver," said Loussaert. 
Trooper  Dan Loussaert says officers aren't just looking for people traveling for the weekend, they're also looking out for the partiers. 
"Plan ahead, stay there. Know how you're going to get a ride. Designate a sober driver, but be aware that if you don't, we're going to be out there looking for intoxicated drivers," said Loussaert. 
Dorsey says he's not doing too much partying this weekend, but he will be busy.
He'll be doing a lot of bouncing around.
After going to Mendota, he's coming back to Port Byron for a football game.
Then turning around again to Mendota and to Springfield Sunday for a car show. 
No matter where he's headed, he knows he has to stay focused.
"Pay attention to all the traffic. Always be alert. You can't relax for a moment," said Dorsey. 
Both Illinois and Iowa State Police will have more troopers on patrol this weekend.
There will be hundreds of enforcement zones checking for seatbelts, speeders and drunk drivers.

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