Quad Citians participate in equality rally and march across Centennial Bridge

Organizers hope event encourages people to get involved

People in the Quad Cities participated in one of the many equality marches around the country on Sunday.

Local LGBTQ organizations and supporters gathered at the gazebo in Centennial Park in Davenport. They started with a rally before marching across the Centennial Bridge to Schwiebert Park in Rock Island.

"In statehouses across the country there are challenges to gay marriage, to adoptions, to equal rights in housing and equal rights to jobs," Rev. Rich Hendricks said.

Organizers said it's a way to stand up for their rights.

"I think it's wrong that I can get married legally, federally on a Saturday night with all of you my friends and family and then I go to work Monday and get fired because I'm gay," Andrew Glasscock said.  

Organizers say they're also standing up for transgender children. In February, the Trump administration reversed a policy that allowed students to use facilities such as bathrooms or locker rooms based on their gender identity.

"Trans students need to know that they're a part of society," Michelle Royal said. "This is why 40 percent of trans people think about or try to commit suicide. We've got to show them the love."

But organizers said this march isn't just about the LGBTQ community. They said the current administration has stirred fear among many groups of people. They said it's time to unite and protect each others rights.

"All of these groups are marginalized and just don't feel safe in their own country and so we need to be that safe space for one another," Lucia Dryyanski said.

Organizers say they hope this event encourages people to get involved in the political process. 

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