Rebuilding Grant Wood Elementary in early fall

Design and construction teams present timeline for project to school board

BETTENDORF, Iowa. - Plans call to break ground on the new Grant Wood Elementary school early this fall.

Architects presented their timeline to the school board Monday night.

Bettendorf school leaders originally thought about only making renovations to the building, but that changed to a larger plan to build a bigger building.

It will have more classrooms to accommodate smaller class sizes.

The design of that $16.7 million building is still underway.

At Mondays' meeting the architect and construction teams gave a full timeline for the project.

And they hope to have the new Grant Wood Elementary ready to go for the 2018 school year.

"After seeing some of the work they've done already with the schematic drawings and how they've progressed, I think it's gone really well," said Raso.  

Bettendorf Schools Superintendent Mike Raso and the rest of the board got a better idea of when the new Grant Wood Elementary School will be built.

There are several deadlines set up right now.

Estes Construction Project Executive Pete Perez say they're currently in the design phase. 

"When we come to you in early April and talk about, here's the ideas, here's the concepts, we can also report to you, where we sit in a budget scenario," said Perez. 

He says they're hoping to get the bidding done for ground work soon because I-74 bridge work will be happening around the same time.

"Once that market is flooded with other work, there's very little incentive for those contractors to be competitive. That's why we're proposing this happen as soon as our design team is comfortable with the documents," said Perez.

Perez says actual construction of the building is scheduled to start in early fall. 

"Actually starting with the main building super structure in early October, if we could get that started sooner we would like that. However, we have to be aware that, that may not be possible," said Perez. 

Leaders say those various deadlines up until construction may shift slightly, but ultimately they plan to have students in the new school in August of 2018.

Superintendent Raso says the board will be transparent throughout the process.

"Keep that information out there, like tonight, put the timeline out there. We've already set a date, by September 1st to have a timeline put together for those other buildings. We'll have that plan set out there. So, we'll just continue to communicate out," said Raso. 

Legat architects say they'll show the board the 3D model of the new school at meeting on April 3rd.





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