Relative speaks out after deadly Davenport shooting

46 year old Jason Roberts was shot and killed early Saturday morning

DAVENPORT, Iowa - A relative of the Davenport man shot early Saturday morning is speaking out.
Officers responded to a disturbance call with reports of shots fired around 2am. 
When police arrived near the 800 W. 4th Street they found 46 year old Jason Roberts with a gunshot wound.
Roberts cousin Reverend Daniel Teague is also the founder and CEO of Quad Cities Boots on the Ground; an organization that promotes positive social change in the community.

"It was hard to believe, just hard to believe," Rev. Teague said.

Teague said the Quad Cities community lost a loving father, friend, brother and most importantly a positive influence on the community.

"Jason was loyal to his friends and the friends that Jason had weren't friends that he just picked up one or two years ago," Teague said. "This friendship goes back 30 plus years," he said.

Teague said his cousin was heavily a part of the organization that helps promote positive social change within the community.

"This is something that you don't want to deal with," Teague said. "This is why we're out here doing what we do, especially when it's somebody close and you grew up with them and you're always around them; it's just different now," Teague said.
"It lets me know there's still a lot of work out here that still needs to be done and we need to get more people involved," he said.

Teague said losing his cousin was losing his best friend. 

"When we start losing people that's a problem," Teague said. "When we start losing kids and finding dead bodies at Brady Street stadium, I mean we hung out up there and went to football games out there," he said.

Teague said moving forward Robert's death will make them go much harder to find a solution to the violence.

"We're going to get out here that much more harder, we're going to get out here and really hit the pavements," said Teague. "The community needs help it doesn't need militarized police forces or anything like that, it needs help," he said.

"We make time for what's important to us and the streets of the Quad Cities is important to me this is home, this is my village," Teague said.

"My prayer is that as loyal as he was to those friends in his life, that they're loyal to him and his death and if they know anything that they speak up," said Teague.

Anyone who would like to get involved with Boots on the Ground to help make a change can visit .
The shooting is still an ongoing investigation 
Anyone with information on the incident in asked to call the Davenport Police Department.

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