R.I. alderwoman makes run for 72nd Dist.

Published 11/30 2015 10:26AM

Updated 11/30 2015 10:26AM

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Rock Island City Councilwoman Kate Hotle today announced her candidacy for the 72nd District State Representative in the Democratic primary.

“The next election is absolutely critical for our future,” Hotle said. “Challenging times require new leadership……bold leadership from people who aren’t afraid to lose an election by doing the right thing……from people with new ideas to right the direction of the state and the ability to compromise to get things done. I want to put my background, my experience, my energy and my vision to work for the people of this district to help restore Illinois to the great state it once was.”

Hotle said her priorities as State Representative would be economic growth, education and restoring the public’s faith in state government. On economic growth, Hotle said “We need to improve our infrastructure, invest in research and development and our schools to help attract and retain good paying jobs.”

She also said schools are being held hostage to Springfield politics and that “we are cheating a whole generation of students out of the promise of our country to do better than their parents. Education is an investment in the future and our state needs to live up to its obligations to the next generation.”

          Hotle also said it was critical for Democrats to restore faith in state government. “The Democratic Party believes in government’s ability to help create a society that is equitable for all people not just a few groups.  Our state is failing at upholding these basic principles. It’s time that we hold our leadership accountable and get Illinois government working for its citizens in 2016.”

          She proposed to accomplish that aim by moving to evidence-based policymaking as has been done in other states like Washington and New Mexico. This approach uses rigorous cost-benefit analysis to prioritize services and show what really works. “Think of it as ‘Money Ball’ for government performance,” she stated.

Hotle also cited the need for the state to get its financial house in order. “The people deserve to know the truth and the truth is we need a long-term plan to address our financial mess,” Hotle said. “These problems weren’t created overnight and won’t be solved overnight. And it will require some short-term pain for long-term gain. But we absolutely must deal with these issues and make the tough choices that have been avoided for years.”

Hotle is serving her first term on the Rock Island City Council, representing the 5th Ward. She was born and raised in Rock Island and is a proud graduate of the public schools. She has long had an interest in public service which led to her B.A. Degree from DePaul University in Public Policy. In addition to serving on the City Council, Hotle also serves on the Neighborhood Partners Board, the Youth Committee for the Rock Island County Workforce Development Board, the general policy committee for the Illinois Municipal League, the Business Advisory Council for the Quad Cities Chamber and is an active participant in the Governor Edgar Fellows Program which aims to build bi-partisan relationships among Illinois leaders. She is employed at Mediacom Communications as a Government Relations Manager.

The Democratic primary election is Tuesday, March 15, 2016.

Copyright 2015 Nexstar Broadcasting, Inc. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed.

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