Rock Island High School student celebrates last day of school

High School graduation almost didn't happen for Senior Prince Gbeddeh

Published 06/03 2015 06:24PM

Updated 06/03 2015 06:24PM

It's the time for pomp and circumstance around the Quad Cities.

However, high school graduation almost didn't happen for one Rock Island student.

“Stuff happens during your life and you just have to move on and go back to the same situations so I’m just it's over. So, I just got to move on I'm not worried about it,” said Prince Gbeddeh, Rock Island High School student.

18-year-old Prince has had a tough senior year. After suffering  a knee injury that turned life threatening back in August, the senior was told he was never going to play football again something he was hoping to play in college.

“It kind of broke my heart but I got over it,” said Gbeddeh

Prince wasn't only an all star on the field but at home and in the classroom.

Moving to the states in 2005 from Libera, Prince helped out his family by juggling school, sports and two jobs.

"Over there it's harder so the two jobs was nothing really. You just you struggle for what you get you have to work hard,” said Gbeddeh.

Since his accident the community came together to help out with the medical bills.  A few weeks ago he underwent his last surgery and now he'll be in rehab regaining his strength.

“I had a whole bunch of stuff to worry about but I don't have to worry about that situation. That's when a lot of people came and helped me out for that,” said Gbeddeh.

Despite all the ups and downs Prince will be graduating this Sunday-with his biggest supporters, his teachers by his side.

“Prince is very unique he is a mixture of humor and honesty and sincerity and love. Prince is love,” said Michelle Greenwood, English teacher.

“He's one of those personalities that lights up the room when he comes in,” said Bryan Stortz, head football coach.

“It feels good to know my school high school Rocky my high school they love me . Just know that I'm graduating with that diploma and walking across that stage with my diploma in my hand. I made it,” said Gbeddeh.

Prince will be working this summer saving up for college.

He's goal is to become a pastor because he says with faith anything is possible.

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