Sanguinetti's tour addressing the opioid crisis stops at Robert Young Center

State is looking to cut opioid deaths by a third over the next three years

Rock Island - Public and medical officials talked about what can be done to prevent people from dying from opioids in Rock Island and Illinois. 

Illinois Lieutenant Governor Evelyn Sanguinetti co-chairs the task force created last month. 

She's on a statewide tour, with a stop November 14 at The Robert Young Center, to figure out how to cut opioid deaths by a third over the next three years.

Sanguinetti met with the president of the Robert Young Center and Rock Island County Sheriff Gerry Bustos about the priorities to address the opioid crisis.

Part of that conversation was the effort creating a Safe Passage Program in Rock Island County. 

"One thing that shocked me the most is that in the 21st century where you think people are talking about just about everything, this situation is still stigmatized," Illinois Lieutenant Governor Evelyn Sanguinetti said during her stop. "If you have a substance use disorder, people feel like they can't come out of the woodwork and tell their story because they're going to be judged."

Sanguinetti says she heard about the safe passage program in different communities so far. 

It lets people turn over drugs and paraphernalia to police with no questions asked.

Authorities then help them find treatment instead of prosecuting them.

Sanguinetti says she'd like to see the program in place across the state. 





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