Boy bitten by dog at skate park spared rabies shots

Dog's shots are up to date

DAVENPORT, Iowa. - UPDATE, 1:20 p.m.: The father of the boy bitten by a dog at the Davenport Skate Park on Sunday night said that the owner met with his wife, the police, animal control and the director of the humane society today.

Shawn Skinner said that the dog's shots are completely up to date and his 9-year-old son, Caleb, will not have to get rabies shots. The dog was taken into custody for quarantine.

UPDATE, 9:54 a.m.: The father of the boy bit by a dog at the Davenport Skate Park on Sunday night said that the owner has been located and agreed to turn the dog over to the police for quarantine.

According to Shawn Skinner, a meeting with her was set up Monday night at about 9:30 p.m. However, Davenport police would not take custody of the dog without animal control and it was after hours.

Skinner reports that they plan to try again today. 


A dog attacked a boy at the Davenport Skate Park Sunday night and now, his family is trying to find the dog's owner.

Nine-year-old Caleb Skinner is the victim.

He says he was bit by a white and light brown pit bull.

Skinner's parents say they don't want to press charges. They just want to know if the dog was vaccinated.

They're trying to avoid having the boy get rabies shots.

But, they now have less than 24 hours to find the dog's owner.

"I was like in my mind, 'Where did it go?' It was behind me and it was charging at me," said Caleb.

Nine-year-old Caleb is an avid skateboarder.

His dad says they're at the Davenport skateboard park a few times a week.

Caleb says he saw a woman and her white and light brown pit bull before he was attacked.

"She wasn't holding the dog at all. It was just sitting there, and then once it saw me going down to the bench over there, I was running down this hill to go to the bench, the dog came out of nowhere," said Caleb.

Caleb says the next thing he knew he was laying on the platform with the dog on top of him.

"The whole mouth got a hold of my whole arm," said Skinner.

Caleb's father Shawn Skinner says they rushed the boy to the emergency room without even thinking to get the woman's information. They later filed a police report. Now, they're searching for the woman. They say she has multiple lip and ear piercings, and they've heard she goes by "Cupcake" and may be homeless.

"We would like to find this lady and the dog and see if the shots are up to date, so that we can verify whether or not he has to have all the treatments done for rabies," said Shawn Skinner.

Another skateboarder, Kilian Munts, says the Davenport skate park isn't the safest place.

"It doesn't really surprise me that something like this would happen. I mean I see dogs here a lot, not on leashes, just running around and that sort of thing, and a lot of them do, like he said, chase skateboarders," said Munts.

Caleb says he still plans to skateboard at the park this summer, but his father says they'll being taking more precautions.

"We will certainly be more aware of what's going on before we enter the park."

Caleb's father says they've found the owner on Facebook. She says the shots are up-to-date, but she has not sent paperwork to confirm.


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