Sirens failed to alert residents of severe weather in Orion

People in the town of 1,900 are left with debris after a vicious storm

ORION, Ill. - Debris scattered through the small town of Orion, Illinois leaving a clean up day for people living there.
Residents in the town said they never heard any sirens during the storm.
The city's mayor said there was a malfunction with the fiber optic cable system.
Anthony and Renee Lamberson were battling the storm.
Both said they were trying to keep a tent just as big as their house from collapsing onto nearby power lines.
"It was horrible, it was very frightening," said Renee Lamberson.
What was once a tent on the side of their house, is now ripped to shreds.
Renee said her and her son Anthony spent their afternoon cleaning up after the vicious storm swept through parts of their backyard.
"I was more shocked than anything," Lamberson said. "Right when it flipped over I just ran out, hopped the deck because I couldn't get to the door it was in the way," he said. "I ran in the house and got mom," Lamberson said.
Anthony said he had pulled up to his house when he noticed their tent battling the elements.
His mother Renee said they decided to go out in the storm and keep the tent from tumbling.
"I was worried it was going to go across the street and hit the house across the street," Lamberson said. "It did hit the neighbors house a little bit so we were just doing our best to keep it where it was," said Lamberson.
Lamberson said he did not remember any severe weather sirens going off to help alert them.
Orion Mayor James Cooper said minutes before the storm, he realized their sirens were not going off and immediately took action.
He said it was due to a cable malfunction.
"It could have been devastating," Cooper said. "I took it  very seriously, I did absolutely everything I could do," said Cooper.
Lamberson said their close encounter with a storm was one of the scariest moments of his life, but the sirens could have saved them from a potentially dangerous situation.
"I think it would've been a lot better if there were sirens going on," Lamberson said. "I know my truck wouldn't be dented and scratched the way it is and if there was sirens I probably wouldn't even have bothered to pull it in, I probably would've just ran in the house," said Lamberson.
Orion Mayor James Cooper said they are currently working on a back up option to put into place just in case another storm hits the area and sirens fail to go off.

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