Son remembers murdered mother

How community members are coming together to help kids who lost their mother

ROCK ISLAND, Ill. - When Taurean Rogers last saw his mother Rochelle Davis, he didn't think it would be the last time. 

"Earlier that day I had got off work, she had got off work and he was in like a weird type of spirit. It's like she was at peace, she was smiling and that's the last thing I remember," says Rogers.  

On June 2nd her life was brutally taken from her. 

"He suffered from mental issues, and I guess he just snapped," says Rogers.  

Rogers says the attack was unexpected 

His father, 43-year-old Sean Rogers suffers from schizophrenia. 

The family thinks he hadn't taken his medication when he  went to Davis's home and beat her, her nephew and their 11-year-old son. 

"My little cousin got away and got my uncle, but we had no idea of the severity of the situation," says Rogers.  

Davis's son was airlifted to a Peoria hospital, her nephew had to get staples in his head, but Davis did not survive. 

Police records indicate she died from traumatic injuries to her face. 

 "It's still rough, but everyone is coping I guess. Some better than others," says Rogers.  

Through this difficult time Rogers says it's his mother's strength that keeps him and his two younger siblings going. 

"The way that she does is accept everything as it comes and just deal with it," says Rogers. "She's the reason why I'm able to be here right now and have this interview right now because of what she instilled in me." 

Many in the community have stepped up to help the family. 

"Friends of mine that are business owners. Hey, I want to have a benefit, here have it here. Hey this family needs a fund started, here's $500," says Sheleigh Martin. 

"My family and Sheleigh, that too helped me cope," says Rogers. "I was astounded when everybody was sending prayers and blessings and everything. I mean, I didn't expect that, that was love." 

Rogers says the void his mom leaves will never be filled, but he will always remember her for her strength, generosity and love for her family. 



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