Sterilite could create 500 new jobs for the Quad Cities Area

The houseware company plans to open its 7th factory in Davenport

DAVENPORT, Iowa - The plastic corporation Sterilite wants to expand its operations by opening its 7th factory in Davenport, which could bring 500 new jobs. Sterilite makes plastic products such as storage containers and shelving and has been in operation for more than 75 years. The facility would be built adjacent to the Eastern Iowa Industrial Center near Interstate 80.
If the project is approved, the building would be the largest single building in Davenport, filling about 2.5 million square feet of Davenport's northern edge. Sterilite is a national corporation and the largest plastic housewares company in North America. 
Davenport Mayor Frank Klipsch said Sterilite chose Davenport over many other communities due to its great workforce. Klipsch said there would be many levels of job opportunities from management level to people physically working in the plant. The first step is to complete the public approval process and although many projects have been considered for the Quad Cities Area, Klipsch is confident this project will be successful.
"We're very confident," Klipsch said. "The CEO, one of the senior members of that team, is coming tomorrow night to our Committee of the Whole meeting. Our city is very transparent, we realized there's details that have to be filled out."
Mayor Klipsch said if the project is approved, it would be a huge investment.
"A great national corporation, made in the USA corporation, brings 500 jobs to our community, makes a tremendous investment, chooses us over other communities and one of the big reasons is because we have an outstanding workforce," said Klipsch.
City Administrator Corri Spiegel said land and building costs for the new factory are estimated at about $73 million.
"A project of this magnitude doesn't happen alone, we have a number of partners," Spiegel said.
Klipsch said the city already has a number of supporters for the project. 
"This is a great deal and a great collaboration between the state, the city, the county as well as all the local entities," Klipsch said. "The community college, the water company, the electric company, there's so many things involved that this is a great partnership and everybody coming together to make something really great happen in our community."
If approved, construction would begin this spring and take about a year to complete.


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