String of shootings leave Davenport residents with broken windows

Police say the same kind of damage happened in three nearby neighborhoods

By Krista Burris |

Published 08/31 2015 10:29PM

Updated 08/31 2015 10:29PM

It was an unsettling Monday morning for some Davenport residents.
They woke up to broken car windows and damaged homes.
Davenport police say the same kind of damage happened in three different nearby neighborhoods.
At least four people woke up to broken glass this morning.
Some have shattered car windows, while one lost his front door and a window on his home.
I spoke with a few residents whose properties were hit about the crime in the area. 
"That door meant everything to me because besides my roses, which I love to grow, the door was very colorful just like the roses were. It was like a $500 door. It was custom ordered," said Davenport resident Fred Haut.
Haut says he heard a loud noise early this morning around 4 o'clock while he was sleeping.
He didn't think much of it until he decided to go outside later on. 
"I opened the door this morning, with the suction because it was air tight, it imploded on me, and I got inside my pockets, in my hair. I was covered in glass," said Haut.
Haut wasn't the only one hit. Police say properties were damaged near 14th and Spring, on East 12th street and near Kirkwood and Arlington. 
Joseph Juarez says the same thing happened to him, except his car windows were broken.
"I was sleeping, and I didn't think nothing of it, and I heard some kind of noise," said Juarez.
He says he's lived in the neighborhood for most of his life, and he can't believe it happened to him.
"It's pretty bad. The people that did this, they don't have nothing else what to do," said Juarez.
Davenport police think a BB gun was used to break the windows.
There are no estimates of damage at this time.
They also say the incidents will be reviewed and followed up on by the detective bureau, and there are currently no suspects, but if you have any information contact the Davenport police.

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