Super Bowl parties in the Quad Cities

For football fans Super Bowl Sunday is another holiday.

By Sarah Greene |

Published 02/07 2016 10:07PM

Updated 02/07 2016 10:07PM

Even though the Broncos or the Panthers aren't any where close to the QC, plenty of people here were watching with friends and family at Super Bowl parties. For football fans, Super Bowl Sunday is another holiday to gather with friends and family.  It's day where they can get together, watch the game, have some good food, and crack open a few drinks. 
First-time Super Bowl party host, Lyndie Sellers said,  "Any kind of excuse to get a bunch of people together, and have a big party. We'll take it." 
While some are focused on the game the party tends to get quieter when the commercials come on. 
A group of residents got together at Rock Island's Spencer Towers to watch the big game. 
Spencer Towers Resident Council member, Lori Weber said, "There's a big build up for it because we've watched football every Sunday all season long. So there's a big build up that way because we've been watching it and comparing the teams, but it's also just the camaraderie and that family and togetherness." 
Food is another big super bowl party essential; it would be difficult to find a Super Bowl party without chips, wings, pizza, beer, or all of the above. 
At Spencer Towers they fried more than 100 pounds of chicken. 
But when it comes down to it, Super Bowl is Sunday is about the game and hoping the team you're rooting for comes out on top. Win or lose, Super Bowl parties will keep bringing people together for at least one Sunday every year. 

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