Teens have man-to-man talk on heavy topic

'Project Alpha' is a workshop that gives teens insight into the effects of sex

MOLINE, Ill. - Teens had a man-to-man talk about a heavy topic today in Moline.

'Project Alpha' is a workshop that gives teens insight into the effects of having sex.

It aims to help teens make informed decisions.

Speakers touched on both abstinence and safe sex.

One teen says what they learned can help them achieve their dreams.

"They've been places we haven't, or have yet to see I'd rather say. So, it's important for us to see it coming from them, so that we don't make the same mistakes or I would say, different types of troubles," said Antonio.

Antonio Wells attended 'Project Alpha' for the first time.

The one-day workshop at the Grace City Center in Moline teaches teen boys about sex, and its consequences.

Antonio is a senior at Pleasant Valley who plans to be a history teacher one day.

He says this seminar is leading him down the right path, so he can reach that goal.

"What's special about it is you get to see a lot of black men come together and learn more about abstinence and STDs, and just how to be a responsible male," said Antonio.

'Project Alpha' Coordinator Terry Saul, senior says they discussed about three sex-related issues, including STDs and communication in relationships.

Saul says they tried to show teens all their options, including abstinence and safe sex.

"The goal at the end is for you to make an informed decision. We provide you a lot of education, and that's what's important. You get educated and informed and now you can make an informed decision to make a smarter decision," said Saul.

He says they try to make the teens comfortable so they participate and learn as much as possible.

"They're opening up. You can hear them in there. They're talking and laughing because this is serious stuff, but you can have fun with it," said Saul.

This is the third time the local chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha hosted the event.

It's a national initiative done throughout the country.


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