Transparency among Moline mayor-elect's top priorities

Mayor-elect Stephanie Acri shares vision for Moline as she takes on new role

MOLINE, Ill. - Stephanie Acri's decisive victory to be Moline's next mayor put an end to a controversial fight that kept her off the primary ballot.

The alderman-at-large unseated Incumbent Mayor Scott Raes Tuesday night. Acri has been on city council for six years.

The mayor-elect admits she'll have a learning curve.

She says she plans to get up to speed by meeting with city leaders and community partners.

From there, Acri says she'll focus on infrastructure, development and transparency.

"There are always issues in large organizations like this and if you don't hear about them it's because they're being discrete about them," Acri said.

Acri is now the first female mayor-elect of Moline.

The city has dealt with controversy in the last six months.

That includes Acri being kicked off the primary ballot for missing page numbers after complaints by Incumbent Mayor Scott Raes.

Following that decision, City Clerk Tracy Koranda was also placed on administrative leave.

Acri ran a successful write-in campaign to get on the general election ballot.

She says the city's issues don't discourage her.

"I mean those kind of things just happen. Personal issues happen. There's process problems. I think that what the residents witnessed kind of what's been going on, it's just that we were a little more open about it, and I think that's the right thing to do," Acri said.

Acri says transparency is one her top priorities to help improve relations with the community.

"There's some partnership things that we do need to show some discretion, but generally when we're having issues, we're having challenges in the city hall, I think it's in our best interest and the communities best interest to open about those challenges," said Acri. 

The mayor-elect says she also wants to expand road improvements from two miles a year to six. Acri says development near the airport is another key issue on her checklist.

"We have an unusual airport. We don't have very much development around it, and we have an opportunity to take advantage of that open space and build something really wonderful out there," Acri said.

Acri encourages the community help her do what's best for Moline.

"I want the feedback. If a resident is dissatisfied with what's happening, I want to hear about it," said Acri.

Acri will be sworn in as mayor on May 2nd.

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