Tri-City Jewish Center celebrates 80 years

The center's leaders say they could be moving forward in a different building.

By Krista Burris |

Published 07/24 2016 05:26PM

Updated 07/24 2016 05:26PM

Members of the Tri-City Jewish Center are celebrating 80 years
Sunday they wrapped up their anniversary festivities.
Dozens of people joined together for the farewell brunch and cemetery tour at the center.
It's part of the last day of their 80th anniversary celebration
Richard Geifman says people have come from near and far for the events.
"It's very fun to have people back that you've known for 50, 60 years," said Geifman. 
Richard says he's been a member of the Tri-City Jewish Center all of his life, 75 years, and it's been quite and experience to see it change over that time.
"We're still here. It's a vibrant congregation, we're still continuing to have the events and the support of the congregants," said Geifman. 
"I grew up here in the community, so it's been a walk down memory lane for us," said Close. 
Tammie Close is a member and an anniversary coordinator.
She says they could be moving forward in a different building.
The center's leaders are open to selling the current one because their congregation has gotten smaller, but Tammie insists smaller doesn't mean weaker.
"Our memberships is about 150 members strong. The building's getting a lot for us to maintain, however we don't need to sell our building. We could stay here for 40, 50 more years," said Tammie Close. 
Tri-City Rabbi Jeffrey Lipshultz says moving wouldn't change their message or mission.
"Buildings come and go. Either you out grow them or you under grow them or for whatever reason... a building does not a make a community, a community makes the building," said Lipshultz. 
Tammie and Richard say after growing up in the synagogue, they can't wait to see how the it grows from here. 
"We've been here for 80 years, and we'll probably be there for much longer than that," said Geifman. 
Strong Jewish traditions continuing for more generations to come.

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