Waste Commission of Scott County warns about rechargeable batteries

Improper disposal leading to fires at other facilities across the U.S.

DAVENPORT, Iowa - The Waste Commission of Scott County is warning people not to recycle or throw away rechargeable batteries or ones made with lithium.

They're typically found in electronics and cell phones. The commission has a specialized Electronic Demanufacturing Facility to handle those types of products. A commission spokesperson says they're trying to avoid what has been an issue in other cities.

"Around the country there have been several incidents recently of fires at recycling centers and landfills where these kinds of batteries have been punctured and then they can ignite large quantities of refuse really quick. They can be super dangerous if you put them in your recycling cart of your garbage cart," said Waste Commission of Scott County Spokesperson Brandy Welvaert.

The waste commission says alkaline batteries like AA or AAA can still be put in the garbage.

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