Whiskey bar and music venue opens in downtown Davenport

The former Musicians Union Headquarters will see plenty of musicians again

Stepping into the Triple Crown Whiskey Bar and Raccoon Motel in downtown Davenport is like stepping back in time.Co-owner Rich Cooksey says that's exactly what he hoped for.

"Our thought process is the 70s dive bar that maybe your grandpa or your dad went to way back when...It's a place where a business man in a suit can sit next to a guy in a flannel shirt," Cooksey said. 

The bar's retro record player isn't its only source of music.One of the bar's co-owners is Sean Moeller, best known for founding Daytrotter. Moeller says this new venue will offer a different listening experience.

"The idea is kind of to give people a really great reason to come to Davenport, and I think what we're going to do with this space is try and put big people in a small room... I love listening to music when you can be up close and personal. I think it creates the best environment for it," Moeller said. 

Three shows are scheduled for the bar's first weekend alone, even before the exterior is finished. The bar was built in the former Musicians Local 67 Headquarters on the corner of Third St. and Pershing Ave. You probably recognize the exterior if you drive through downtown Davenport a lot. Eventually, it'll get repainted and the signage will get updated. The owners say right now it makes for a huge surprise when you walk in the front door. 

"We were able to build something that we're really proud of and so, I think Davenport and the Quad Cities are going to really enjoy this place," Moeller said. 

People were already enjoying tastes from the bar's extensive whiskey collection on Thursday, the bar's first night open. On top of a full bar, they offer more than 100 whiskeys ranging from local favorites like Cody Road Bourbon to favorites like Jim Beam and Johnny Walker, to some lesser known varieties.

"We hope it attracts... all backgrounds, just a place that you can come and feel comfortable in downtown davenport," Cooksey said. 

According to the racoonmotel.com, advance tickets for shows this weekend are sold out.

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