Willie Wilson is running for president

The Democratic candidate visited Davenport today.

Published 06/03 2015 06:42PM

Updated 06/03 2015 06:42PM

Businessman and Democratic presidential candidate Willie Wilson  is in Davenport today.
The former Chicago mayoral candidate hosted a roundtable discussion with some of the locals, including business owners and activists. The 66-year-old  says he is running to put America first.
"We're going to be open and honest," said Wilson. "We're going to shake hands with people in the streets. We'll go to barber shops, beauty shops. The old fashioned way. That's how we plan on doing it." 
That discussion took place at the Third Missionary Baptist church. Wilson joined the race on Monday during an announcement in Chicago. Wilson got %10 of the vote in Chicago's mayoral race. 

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