Work to take down smokestack begins

85-year-old smokestack to be demolished to make way for new pool and auditorium

By Alice Kang |

Published 07/29 2015 10:07AM

Updated 07/29 2015 10:10AM

You've probably seen the smokestack standing tall at Davenport's Central high school.

Demolition was suppose to begin earlier this month but hit some scheduling issues with the Department of Natural Resources.

Wednesday morning, the schedules are in place and crews are expected to starting taking down the 160 foot tall smokestack. The smokestack was built in the 1930's so it's called Central high school home for 85 years.But it hasn't actually been in use for years.

Back then, the smokestack was used to heat the school using coal. As technology improved over the years, so did the heating systems.The high school has a more than $21 million project makeover for the new auditorium and pool on the South side of the campus.The smokestack is in the way of the project and that's why they're tearing it down.

Mike Maloney, the director of operations for the district says people are interested in saving some of the bricks for fundraisers or just to keep a part of history with them.

"There's some complications with that. It has to be noticed for auctions and things like that in order to dispose of it but we're working through that and if there are folks who want to get their hands on some of their fundraisers. I think we will be able to accommodate that,” said Maloney.

Construction crews will be working on taking the smokestack down brick by brick starting at 7:30 Wednesday morning.

The project is expected to take a couple days.

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