Alleman coach helps caddy for leader

Alleman coach Jay Hatch sprung into duty after Brian Harman's caddy got sick during the 1st round.
An Alleman High School coach came out as a fan and finished the day as a caddy for one of the tournament leaders.

Brian Harman's caddy was feeling ill during the round Thursday. When he could no longer continue, Alleman girls basketball coach and golf coach Jay Hatch happened to be in the right place at the right time, and got to caddy for the rest of the afternoon.

"I was just walking along and happened to be standing by the tee box when Brian's caddy was struggling," Hatch said after the round. "There was a guy from the tournament in a suit who said 'I can carry your bag, but only for a little while,'" and I'm like 'Well I can carry it if you don't want anybody to read putts or anything like that.'"

Harman finsihed the round tied for the lead, shooting a -8, 63.

"(Hatch) did a really good job," Harman said. "He was like a true pro out there it was a lot of fun."

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