Meth investigation leads to 14 arrests

Meth investigation leads to 14 arrests

More that a dozen people arrested after months long meth investigation
Fourteen people are charged with conspiring to make methamphetamine, a class B felony that could land them in prison for 25 years.

The investigation began after a search warrant was served back in April in Oakville, Iowa.

As a result of the investigation by the former Washington-Louisa County Drug Task Force, and the Columbus Junction and Wapello Police Departments, the following people were arrested:

Anthony Sill
Tina Sill
Robert Zaehringer
Jason Breuer
Dustin Breuer
Crystal Lee
Robyn Holland
Jill Lovell
Richard Stout
Christina Robertson
Laura Jo Cocklin
Jason Goldsberry
Jamie Ewart
Lisa Hayes

Deputies say that additional arrests are expected.

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