Modern Woodmen and Riverbend Foodbank team up to fight hunger

Modern Woodmen and Riverbend Foodbank team up to fight hunger

More than 100 people received food.
Modern Woodmen and Riverbend food pantry are teaming up to end hunger in the Quad Cities.

"We're able to help in the community and that's part of our mission, Kenny Massey, President Modern Woodmen America. 

Feeding people is not cheap.
The food costs nearly $15,000, but Modern Woodmen is covering the expense.
More than 100 people received food, and no one was turned away.

"Hunger is very hidden in the Quad Cities because people are ashamed of being hungry and a lot of folks don't realize how big the problem is," said Caren Loughlin, Marketing Director Riverbend Foodbank. 

For one Davenport mother of three, having this food comes right on time.

"It just takes a burden off.. knowing that I have the extra food in the house for the kids, Catherine Shores, said Davenport resident. 

"If it wasn't for them I would be in a lot of trouble with my limited income so it is a blessing," said Sharon Randall Moline resident. 

Each person took home a cart full of healthy options.

"It's all really nice the food couldn't be any better and they kind of dwell more on health food. It isn't junk food so that helps a lot," said Tricia Ranson, Moline resident. 

The partnership will continue throughout the summer, one event at a time to help feed the community. 

"A lot of people take for granted that they walk in their kitchen and get a snack, they forget a lot of people don't know where their next meal is coming from," said Michelle Gheer, Volunteer. 

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