New Suburban-like public housing for Rock Island

New Suburban-like public housing for Rock Island

Manor Homes is being replaced by single family homes and duplexes.
A housing project in Rock Island is getting a fresh start.
The old Manor Homes site is undergoing a huge transformation.

The city is replacing public housing with public housing,
yet when complete the new 14 million dollar Lyndon Lanes will have the look and feel of upscale suburbia.

"Everyone is going to live like everyone else." said Developer Steven Clark.

It's a project a decade in the making, replacing the gloomy old barrack style Manor Homes with a piece of the american dream.
"There is 55 units that are going to be single family or duplexes 2 car garages 13 hundred to 17 hundred square feet, its going to be a neighborhood." explained Clark.
"Manor Homes served their purpose but their purpose is no longer functional within the lifestyle. people want more space of their own." added Chairman of the Housing Commission Vernon Winter.

Backyards, driveways, with rents as low as 600 dollars a month.

"When you drive down the street you won't be able to tell it's public housing. said Housing Authority Commissioner Terry Brooks who says that can go a long way
"It's a good motivator its good attitude changing, the old fashioned way of living where you put people on top of each other or stick them close together needs to fade. You kow a more family existence is a yard with a garage and a backyard."

The mixed income subdivision is the second of its kind in Rock Island, and the housing commission would like to add more.

"This is not just a transformation of housing public housing to private housing it's a transformation of life style quality of life. this is what will help allow people to reach their goals," said Clark.

The houses are scheduled to be complete by the end of this year, marketing to potential residents will begin later this summer.
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