Scott County Courthouse Could Get A Major Facelift

The Scott County Board of Supervisors is looking at plans to renovate the courthouse Tuesday
A major upgrade to the Scott County courthouse could be on the way.

The Scott County Board of Supervisors is looking at plans to renovate the courthouse at their Committee of the Whole meeting Tuesday.

When CBS4 asked them if the makeover was worth the money, the answer was a resounding 'yes'.

"It will take awhile to do this but it needs to be done,” says Larry Minard, Chairman of the Scott County Board of Supervisors.

Although the Scott County jail was built in 2007, it was actually constructed around the old courthouse, which is now almost 60 years old.

County officials say the structure itself was well-built, but it needs some upgrades to bring it to 21st century standards.

The 1.7 million dollar first floor remodel would include upgrades in technology and building larger courtrooms.

County leaders say the layout is also an issue.

Often times, the entry way gets overcrowded and visitors, lawyers, judges, and county officials who work in the building have a hard time getting to where they need to go.

"Ultimately, even though we're spending money to do this, taxpayer money, in the long run, it will save us money if we keep attacking these problems just as a homeowner would keep improving their home or putting a new roof on it, things like that,” says Minard.

The project would be funded by money the county has saved over the past few years, meaning residents would not see any new tax rate hikes.

The courthouse would stay open and operational throughout the renovations.

The first floor plans go to Committee of the Whole at the Scott County Administrative Center at 8:00 am Tuesday.

The project also requires a public hearing before the board can approve it.

That meeting is tentatively scheduled for Thursday, June 19th at 5:00 pm at the Scott County Administrative Center.

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