St. Ambrose Rallies Stadium Supporters

St. Ambrose Rallies Stadium Supporters

St. Ambrose is pushing ahead to build a new stadium on the St. Vincent site.
The fight to build a new sports complex for St. Ambrose University continues.
Monday night supporters of the proposal made their voice heard, the meeting meant to rally support behind the cause.
For months We've heard from Davenport residents trying to block St. Ambrose from building a new stadium at the St. Vincent site.
Monday night University officials saying most people agree the plan is a good one, and its time the silent majority made some noise.
"The people that think this is a positive project need to step to the plate," SAU Athletic Director Ray Shovlain told an audience of nearly 350 supporters.
We've all seen the red signs, heard the concerns about traffic noise and lights, yet Ambrose supporters say they are the majority.
"There's thousands of more (supporters) I really think that in my heart," said former Bee student athlete Pete Ivanic.

Sick of the negative press Ivanic began a facebook page "SAU Stadium Yes".

"Within 48 hours we had one thousand people that liked the page."

Well over 300 supporters packed The Rogalski Center Monday night to hear University officials state their case.
"The St. Vincent center already is an athletic center, really what we are doing in improving the complex. Now granted we are building a stadium there that will have 2,500 seats but we've done a lot of background work to ensure that the complex won't have a negative impact on the neighborhood." said University V.P. for Finance Mike Poster.
It would however have a big positive impact for over 700 ambrose athletes in 23 different sports.
"It's certainly exciting if they do anything close to what the plans are its going to be a tremendous facility for us." stated Head Football Coach Mike Magistrelli.
"It would be a big draw to get new athletes in and obviously for the athletes already here it's going to be a great facility for them," added Quarterback Cory Schaab. 

And supporters like Ivanic say it could make a long lasting impact on the Quad Cities as a whole.
"This is a reason that the kids that go to St. Ambrose that may want to be student athletes would want to stay in a community like Davenport a place that can get things done."

St. Ambrose will submit their proposal to the city this week.
They say the first public hearing on the matter could come May 6th.
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