Web Extra: Safety tips for work construction zones

Illinois Department of Transportation has 10 tips to keep you safe in construction work zones this spring and summer.
The Illinois Department of Transportation has ten tips to driving safely in construction work zones.

First, IDOT says expect the unexpected.  Normal speed limits could be reduced and traffic may be changed due to workers along the roadway.  Slow down when you see workers and orange cones along the side of the road.  Speeding is a major cause for work zone crashes.

It's also recommended not to tailgate other cars, and keep a safe distance from workers and construction equipment.  Pay attention to all the sings around you.  The warning signs are there to help get through the working zone safely.

If there are road crew flaggers, make sure to pay attention to them.  They know the best way to move traffic safely through the area. Be sure your entire focus is on the work zone and you are not distracted.  Texting and talking on the phone without a blue tooth device is illegal.

Keep up with the traffic flow without speeding.  Check radio, TV and website for traffic information, allowing yourself enough time to get from point A to point be.  Most importantly, be patient and stay calm.
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