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High impact winter storm likely to bring some of the highest snow totals this season

Snow totals will get close to a foot in some places by Friday afternoon

QUAD CITIES - After getting hit hard earlier in the week, Mother Nature is back at it again to end the week with a winter storm that could bring snow totals higher than we have seen all winter. There is a lot still up in the air with this system and the forecast will be ever-evolving because of the tight snow gradients that are expected.

The snow should start for our western hometowns and the Quad Cities by 3-4pm today spreading to the entire area along and north of I-80 by 6-7pm. The snow impact early this evening will be minimal but the later it goes the worse the travel will be and the higher the impacts become. 

Totals will be higher norther of I-80 where some totals could even get close to a foot. This forecast heavily depends on these tight snow bands and where they track and dump the majority of the snow. In the areas of the winter storm warning, gassing up the car and stocking up on some groceries is not a bad idea. Travel will be rough and potentially even dangerous Thursday night and Friday. We won't be trapped indoors as this is only a winter storm and not a blizzard but being cautious and not going outside unless you have to is a good idea.

Hometowns south of I-80 will not be as affected by this winter storm because the snow gradient is going to be so tight. There won't be that much distance between areas of 10 inches of snow and no inches of snow. But this doesn't mean those hometowns are out of the woods just yet...

Thursday night's winter storm is only round one of two over the next few days. After snow stops falling Friday afternoon it will be calm and quiet for several hours but then snow will likely start back up from the south and the east as another system rolls through central Illinois. This could add significant totals for areas along and south of I-80 including the Quad Cities so travel is going to be a little rough here through early this weekend. 

North of I-80: 7-10+ inches. Some localized areas could see at or above a foot of snow.
Metro QC: Around 5-7 inches. This heavily depends on those heavy snow bands.
South of I:80: 3-5 inches and even less where no warnings and advisories are in place.

Hazardous and even dangerous travel conditions.
Heavy snowfall reducing visibility especially very early Friday.
Friday school cancellations look likely.

Northwest hometowns: Snow falling by 3pm.
Metro QC: Snow from 3-4pm.
North of I-80: Snow at least by 6-7pm.
South of I-80: Snow starts overnight Thursday into early Friday. 
High impacts won't start until around 8-10pm Thursday evening. Light to moderate impacts before that.

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