Wintry start to the week causing a mess but hopes of a warm up on the horizon

Well below normal temperatures should move closer to normal by end of the week

QUAD CITIES - Snow started falling on Sunday and hasn't stopped falling well into Monday morning. At first, roads were too wet and warm for the snow to stick but as temperatures fell Sunday night the roads started to freeze and snow began accumulating and that means travel issues. 

Secondary and tertiary roadways are very slick because of the snow on them and that will likely stick around until crews clear it because the warm weather isn't expected until Tuesday. Lots of cloud cover and strong cold winds will keep all the light snow cover on the ground at least through Tuesday. High pressure is going to move in and bring that relief starting Monday night.

Clouds will clear out thanks to high pressure and temperatures will climb into the lower 50s Tuesday with ample sunshine and much calmer winds. Temperatures will stay mild with some light rain Wednesday but the real warm up comes later on towards the weekend. 

The average high temperature in mid April is in the mid and lower 60s but we won't get that far at least until late weekend and early in the next week. Highs will hit near 60 on Sunday and stay there for early next week. In the meantime, well below average weather continues but at least it is better than the 30s we have to start off the work week. 

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