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4 Our Community is an initiative of CBS4, WHBF-TV. The project began several years ago and was originally designed to provide balance and perspective to the largely negative economic news viewers were seeing and reading in the national media.

We believed then, and believe now, that the national media tends to focus on the "coasts" and that it doesn't necessarily paint an accurate picture of what is going on around the rest of the country, especially here in the Quad Cities.  We believe that an accurate and balanced perspective can go a long way in restoring and maintaining consumer confidence and continue to contribute to the economic well-being of our community.

Obviously, there are still challenges ahead and we will not shy away from telling you about them, but there are also positive things going on in our community and much to be proud of and to celebrate: Businesses, public service organizations, community groups, grass roots movements, and ordinary citizens, all doing extraordinary things to make our community a better place - and they're succeeding. And we feel equally obligated to tell you those stories as well.

And we try hard to live up to the challenge we have set for ourselves

News: Our 4 Our Community reports are designed to tell you more about what is happening right here in your own backyard and how it will - or won't - impact you and your family.  We'll compare and contrast what you hear in the national press to make sure you get an accurate picture.  And we'll seek out those positive stories about people and organizations who work hard everyday to help raise the quality of life for all of us. 

Public Service:  We supplement our news coverage with Public Service projects that promote the positive things going on in our community, the people and organizations that are fighting the good fight.  And we tell you how you can contribute to their efforts.

Community Involvement: More than any other television station in the Quad Cities, we involve ourselves in positive and meaningful events and activities in our community that help bolster a positive self image for the Quad Cities.

We welcome ideas from you, the public.  On this web page you will find a link to email us with your comments, suggestions, ideas, and your feedback.  You may be surprised to find what, together, we can do 4 Our Community.

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