A joint investigation between the Galesburg Police Department and the Keokuk Iowa Police Department for several burglaries and vehicle thefts resulted in the arrest of two suspects.

Dale A. Knajdek, age 44, and Justin A. Dykeman, age 24, were arrested by the Galesburg Police.

Both police departments were investigating three incidents. The first was for a burglary and stolen motor vehicle from Haneghan’s Auto on January 13 in Galesburg. The next day on January 14, the Keokuk Nazarene Church in Keokuk reported a burglary and a vehicle theft. Then on January 16, there was a reported burglary at the First Christian Church in Galesburg.

After serving a search warrant a residence in the 1400 block of East Knox Street in Galesburg, the police found several items from the burglaries and the vehicle stolen from Keokuk.

The vehicle stolen from Galesburg was located in Keokuk. After the police searched the vehicle, they found more of the stolen items.

As a result of the investigation, Knajdek and Dykeman were arrested by the Galesburg Police on charges burglary and possession of stolen property. Additional charges are still pending with the Keokuk Iowa Police Department.