Danielle Davis

Danielle Davis, or Dani as her friends call her, is a Chicago native. She is a graduate of Columbia College, she has a BA in Communications. She graduated from the University of Nebraska, Omaha with an M.S. in Criminology in May 2023.

Being a true Chicagoan, she proudly reps the Bears, Bulls, White Sox and Blackhawks. She will support the Cubs, but only when they are not playing the White Sox. Dani says she loves the Midwest and can’t imagine working anywhere else. “It just wouldn’t be life without four seasons,” she said.

For fun she likes all outdoor activities including, tennis, hiking, and Al Fresco dining. She also has a love for musical theater and concerts. An avid reader, her favorite author is Dan Brown but not for “DaVinci Code.” She says Brown’s “Angels & Demons” is what storytelling is all about.

She loves community stories that deal with social issues and social justice. She loves giving a voice to the voiceless and those that are underserved and neglected by society. She looks forward to one day drafting new and rewriting old policies and laws that are outdated and that inadvertently harm citizens more than it helps them.

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