Dustin Nolan

Born and raised in Texas, Dustin Nolan, couldn’t be more excited to join the sports team at WHBF/Fox 18. 

Dustin made his way north to play football at St. Ambrose University. There he fell in love with Broadcasting, specifically sports journalism. After college he traveled to the Wild West to cowboy country, where he anchored the weekend sportscast, showcasing Wyoming athletes. After the final whistle blew in Wyoming, Dustin packed up his gear and rushed back to (Bears/Bees/Cubs/Cardinals/Cyclones/Hawkeyes/Packers/Vikings Country – we’ll let you decide) where he made his home back in the Quad Cities. 

When he’s not chasing down your favorite QCA athletes, you can find Dustin at the gym, reading books, or ranting about technology (seriously he hates it). 

Though Texas remains in his heart, Dustin has fallen in love with the Quad Cities and surrounding areas. He loves telling the stories of athletes, young and young at heart, who pour their heart out and leave it all out on the field, court, pitch, diamond, or track. 

If you have a great sports story idea, or just want to rant with Dustin about all this new technology, email him at DNolan@whbf.com

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