Volkswagen has revealed that the 2024 ID.4 will get a boost to acceleration—and likely range—in some versions, versus 2023.

The key upgrade to the 2024 Volkswagen ID.4 lineup is a new, higher-power rear drive unit, applied to both rear-wheel-drive or all-wheel-drive versions with the larger 82-kwh battery pack. A 62-kwh battery pack is also offered.

Single-motor models with that larger pack now make 282 hp, according to VW, while the AWD version makes 330 hp. That’s up significantly, from 201 hp and 295 hp, respectively, for 2023.

Once again, the ID.4 will be offered in Standard (or Pro), S, and S Plus trim levels, with the 62-kwh pack reserved for rear-wheel-drive models in Standard and S trims. In a review of the 2023 VW ID.4 Standard, Green Car Reports found it to have a somewhat better ride-and-handling balance than models with the larger battery—all likely a matter of weight.

2024 Volkswagen ID.42024 Volkswagen ID.4

The ID.4 also gets a new 12.9-inch display with backlit sliders—yes, still fussy, haptic-dependent ones—but they’re part of a revamped control interface and menu system that does appear to be a solid step forward, if it’s what’s also being applied to the upcoming ID.7 electric sedan. However, base models with the 12.0-inch infotainment system continue without those changes. Across the model line, the shifter has also been simplified to a stalk layout to the right of the steering wheel, rather than the twist-dependent, podlike affair used in 2023 and earlier models.

2024 Volkswagen ID.42024 Volkswagen ID.42024 Volkswagen ID.42024 Volkswagen ID.42024 Volkswagen ID.42024 Volkswagen ID.4

The lineup of wheels has also been refreshed for 2024, with ID.4 Standard AWD models with the larger 82-kwh battery getting larger 20-inch alloys. Those S models also get cooled front seats, while S Plus models now get premium audio.

The 2024 VW ID.4 will continue to be made in Chattanooga, Tennessee, for the U.S., VW emphasized. All 2023 VW ID.4 models are eligible for a $7,500 EV tax credit, and VW notes that it’s the only foreign automaker to have its battery electric model be eligible for the full credit amount.

VW notes that although EPA estimates aren’t yet available, it anticipates that the new power unit will also help deliver “an expected improvement to EPA-estimated range.

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