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Farm2Veteran partners with Sigma Forces to sponsor 15 veterans with in-demand professional certifications

Sigma Forces

Kevin Van Eekeren

Kasie Valenti

TAMPA, FL, UNITED STATES, February 14, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ -- Sigma Forces will start accepting applications this March to cover the cost of professional training and certifications through the Farm2Veteran Scholarship Fund.

U.S. Military service members and their families are experiencing high unemployment and underemployment rates as a result of the barriers they face with career transitions and career advancement. Such challenges are not only demoralizing, but they have a direct impact on the military community's ability to provide for their families comfortably.

Farm2Veteran has a long-standing reputation for providing nutritional nourishment for the veteran community to prevent food insecurity. This year, they feel it is time to take their mission further by supporting mission-aligned organizations in increasing resources for veterans seeking meaningful and sustainable employment.

They have now partnered with a reputable career advancement organization –Sigma Forces – to sponsor 15 veterans with scholarships that will cover the costs of professional training and certifications, access to career readiness workshops, and one-to-one mentorship. Sigma Forces provides professional training and certifications in Lean Six Sigma, Six Sigma, Scrum, Marketing, and Sales. They are on a mission to reinforce military-connected leaders with a trusted and seamless pathway to career advancement, using best-in-class training and mentorship.

With this newly formed community partnership, they have set up a "Farm2Veteran Scholarship Fund" with the hopes of helping veterans to secure long-term employment and advance in their careers. The application window will open on March 1st for the current cycle, and people can apply by heading over to https://sigmaforces.com.

"Founder and CEO of Farm2Veteran, Kevin Van Eekeren, said, “We are proud to share that with our donors’ support, Farm2Veteran donated 58,506 meals in 2022, and this year we are dedicated to bringing even more to the table. We are confident that partnering with Sigma Forces is a great first step in our efforts to pay it forward and expand our mission in supporting the veteran community. Our Farm2Veteran Scholarship Fund will allow Sigma Forces to provide the level of professional training, mentorship, and career advancement resources our veterans need to land their dream job."

Talking about the partnership with Sigma Forces, CEO Kasie Valenti said, “We are beyond grateful to partner with Farm2Veteran to offer the Farm2Veteran Scholarship Fund. The Sigma Forces' Community is an ambitious network of industry leaders striving for continuous professional development and career advancement. By partnering with Farm2Veteran, we have the resources needed to train, certify, and mentor 15 veterans as they transition from the military.”

The partnership is expected to strengthen the military-connected community and help reduce the feeling of discouragement and frustration that many veterans struggle with during their transition to the civilian workforce.

People interested in scholarship opportunities can head over to sigmaforces.com to apply for the Farm2Veteran Scholarship Fund. For anyone interested in learning more about Farm2Veteran and ways to support their mission can visit https://www.farm2veteran.com

About Farm 2 Veteran
Farm 2 Veteran provides fresh farm food for veterans in need in the local community. As a non-profit foundation, they strive to provide the best quality food possible. You won't find their food in any stores because they donate 100% of our products to veterans in need through 501 (c)3 charities.

To learn more about Farm2Veteran, visit https://www.farm2veteran.com.

About Sigma Forces
Sigma Forces™ is a career advancement organization with professional education in Lean Six Sigma, Six Sigma, Scrum, Marketing, Sales, and Career Readiness! They are on a mission to reinFORCE the next generation of military-connected leaders with a trusted and seamless pathway to career advancement, using best-in-class training programs, and backed by unwavering community support.

To learn more about Sigma Forces, visit https://www.sigmaforces.com

Kasie Valenti, Founder & CEO
Sigma Forces

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