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Book Release: Pallets a North American Perspective 20th Anniversary Edition

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Pallets a North American Perspective: 20th Anniversary Edition is now available on Amazon or by bulk purchase from the authors.

Explores the pallet as an element of supply chain strategy, including history, market and statistics, pallet management best practices, and future outlook.

Laggard or leader? Are pallets legacy devices that have not kept pace with supply chains, or have supply chains failed to take advantage of innovative, technology-enabled new pallets?”
— Rick LeBlanc
SURREY, BC, CANADA, November 20, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ -- Some people argue that pallets are legacy devices that have not kept pace with the evolution of modern supply chains. Meanwhile, providers of innovative, technology-enabled new pallets make the case that supply chains haven't kept pace with pallets! Whatever your perspective, this book posits that pallets should be embraced as an element of supply chain strategy rather than a line expense item.

Written by industry veterans Rick LeBlanc and Stewart Richardson, this completely updated and revised edition of Pallets a North American Perspective (https://a.co/d/dYsJeUS) provides a comprehensive introduction to pallets and the pallet industry. It is a valuable introduction for anyone wanting to better understand pallets and pallet markets. For industry insiders, the book can broaden your scope of industry knowledge and, for pallet customers, it is a useful introduction to the nuances of this supply chain staple.

A lot has changed since the first edition was published in 2003! This new work explores the importance of pallets as an element of supply chain strategy. It tells the history of the pallet's invention and evolution and the industry's emergence. It reports current industry statistics and structure. It discusses pallet design considerations and the benefits of material choices, including wood, plastic, and others, helping you navigate your journey to finding your perfect pallet. With growing interest in sustainability and pallet reuse programs on the rise, the topic of pallet control and management offers considerable detail to help you get your reusable pallet program up and running.

The book concludes with informed speculation on what lies ahead for pallet usage in North American supply chains - a future shaped by sustainability goals, the proliferation of automation, pallet design, material developments, nearshoring, and other trends. Pallets a North American Perspective is available at Amazon, or for discounted bulk orders of ten copies or more, please email Stewart Richardson at stewart@rmhi.ca.

Pallets a North American Perspective (https://a.co/d/dYsJeUS)

Purchase at Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0CH2FK9W5

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