Welcome to the automated organization closing system for both WHBF-TV and KLJB-TV.

Below you will find an interface to be used for changing the status of your organization.  As you can see, for proper verification, you must enter your organizations’ existing Org ID and Password, both a four-digit number. All Org IDs and Passwords remain unchanged from a year ago; If you do not know your Org ID and Password, please reach out to Caleb Sheil (309) 786-5441 ext. 206 and leave your name, organization and an email address.

Once in the system, you will be asked to change your organization’s primary status from a drop-down list.  YOU MUST CHOOSE A PRIMARY STATUS FROM THE DROPDOWN WINDOW.   If you do not enter a primary status, it will not auto-delete as programmed. 

If you choose a “late-start” or “early dismissal” status, you can then use the Alt/Other Status window to enter a specific time or additional information.  

Once you hit save, your information will be published to tickers running on both WHBF-TV and KLJB-TV and displayed on OurQuadCities.com.

Thank you for using the system. Please reach out with additional questions at (309) 786-5441 ext. 206.

“Please do not use this automated closing system to communication closings related to the COVID-19 virus. Feel free to reach out to our newsroom at 309-786-5315 if you have closing news and we will do our best to help you communicate that to your constituents.”

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