It’s volunteer day in Lanark and a good day for Evelyn and her sister Emma. 

Evelyn Mann said, “We are very, very excited. We really hope that everybody else here in our community will have fun on the playground.”

Evelyn and her sister are using their Girl Scout talents to make treats for all the workers.

They’re working on part of a dream by Park Board President Rosemary Flikkema.

Rosemary Flikkema said, “The last time the playground was updated was 40 years ago.”

This new jungle gym is sure to bring a wealth of delight.

Flikkema said, “We’ve got children that are monkeys around here and they’re just looking forward to it.”

To see the smiles and hear the laughter is why so many in this small community are giving up a Saturday for this project. 

Volunteer and Lanark alderman Mark Macomber said, “Shows volunteerism is still alive and well in small-town America. This was kind of an unsolicited thing that people were asked.”

And it not just for projects like this.

The Lanark Community Club brings together neighbors with an interest in finding ways to give back in this town.

LCC member Jason Walrath said, “It’s a sense of pride, community pride that hey, we can look around and say we did that and we helped out with that, we helped out with that.”

This project at the park has been part of an ongoing effort by this community to improve the only city park and increase accessibility with sidewalks and safety enhancement.

Flikkema said, “Three years ago when we started the project, there were no sidewalks going through the park.”

A community working together to make sure there are more days and fun at the park.

Walrath said, “Do something different for the kids to come out and draw more people to the park”