Community Spotlight: Jeronimo’s Bar and Grill

Community Spotlight

In a small town like this, Its hard to miss a hub like Jeronimo’s Bar and Grill.

” We didn’t have a bar here in town for a while and my parents live right over the top of the hill. So i said one day lets open up a bar in town and here we are,” says owner of the restraurant Jeremy “Mo” Budde. Budde opened up shop over 20 years ago. Just a bar at first, then a restuarant. Over time, Jeronimo’s has gained notoriety because of one food item. “We make a big burger.”

Big is right. On the menu, customers can order a cheeseburger. But it’s a little-known fact that they find out for themselves it’s ten ounces!

“We do have people who sometimes come in here and order a double cheese burger and my first words to the waitresses, i go obviously they’ve never eaten here before,” Budde shares.

It comes with the regular toppings of ketchup, mustard, onions and pickles. The reason for adding the big burger on the menu? Because… Why not, says Budde.”We just always wanted a big burger in town i guess when we first started doing it.”

To make extra bucks Budde shares his delicious foods at the Jackson County Fair with a hot ride called The Outlaw.

“Some people got a boat- i got a concession trailer so i gave it a name.”

He’s been going for six years now. He says it’s brought in new faces to his restaurant. “Its one of the reason’s why we’re over there because you can’t beat the fair so you might as well be there.”

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