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Adopt a Garden

Adopt A Garden

Every year, more than 40,000 children and adults learn about hundreds of plants - from exotic and tropical to regional flowers and seedlings when visiting the Quad City Botanical Center. And you can make sure these floral treasures continue to thrive by ADOPTING A GARDEN today!

In person, by mail or even online, you can choose from more than nine gardens, which will help us meet our mission of bringing people and plants together in fun and meaningful way.

Why your support matters: In our community, throughout the nation, and around the world gardens provide people with the opportunity to learn, experiment, and grow. Every garden can be a source of food, oxygen, medicine, shelter, beauty, and respite. Without plants life on earth is simply not sustainable! Please help support our effort to share knowledge about plants, to raise awareness about the positive benefits of gardening, and to encourage our community to integrate nature into their lives and the lives of their children.

For more information on our gardens and programs, products and services, please call today— (309)794-0991, extension 206.

Help the QC Botanical Center and “ADOPT A GARDEN” today.

Adopt A Garden

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